Wendy Child
Wendy Child is a UK based artist who's work is based on classical realism. Wendy is mainly self taught but spent some time in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art to acquire some experience in the 'Old master' techniques.
Although she prefers to work mainly in Oils and in a representational style she also likes to work in other mediums and styles. Her pastel landscapes are more impressionistic which she indulges as a pleasurable escape from her more formal studio work. She has recently begun to spend more time painting 'Plein air' and enjoys painting outdoors in Watercolour, Oil and Pastel.
Wendy has recently teamed up with Michael John Angel to provide workshops in the UK where they have invited other artists from all over the world to provide 1st class workshop training in the traditional 'Old master' style. More info can be found at their website here :